Wake surfboards

Here it is kids and gentlekids: we are incredibly stoked to announce the 2017 idol wake surfboards line up.  This year we focused on filling the gaps in the idol quiver to ensure there is an idol for everyone in the boat.  Existing shapes were modified based on rider feedback to improve performance of all models, and all boards are produced using high-quality EPS/Epoxy construction.  We’re continuing to use a lot of the ever-popular carbon-fiber/bamboo construction, and this year we added four boards in brushed carbon-fiber finish, which is incredibly strong and stiff.  So here it is, the 2017 idol quiver.  Enjoy the ride, have heaps of fun, and we’ll see you on the water.

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Surf-Style Wakesurf Boards

Our goal for 2017 was to have a board for everyone in the family.  For surf-style riding, that begins with our kid and petite adult board, the F-Grom, teens will love the JC-Sig or 4’3″ T-Twist, full grown wake surfers can choose any one of our performance wake surfboards from the T-Twist, Shovel, or Tonka Kahuna models.  This year we even added a 5’1″ Tonka Kahuna for the biggest, raddest wake surfers out there.  All of our wakesurf boards are EPS/Epoxy construction and include traction and fins. Remember, free shipping on all surfboards at iDolsurf.com, or you can visit your local dealer to get one today!


Skim-Style Wakesurf Boards

We have been expanding our skim-style board to offer everyone in the family the perfect skim-style wake surfboard.   Young riders will love the compact feel and control of the Frankster.   First timer adults and/or larger riders will surely feel the glide on the Catalyst.   And those more advanced riders will love the aggressive feel and brushed-carbon construction featured by the Trimmer and Axe models.

Limited Edition Carbon-Fiber/Bamboo

We offer our two most popular wakesurf board shapes in a limited edition carbon-fiber/bamboo construction.   These boards begin with a EPS foam core with a stringer, which is hand-shaped then laminated with a layer of 6oz fiber-glass on each side.  Once the fiberglass cures, real bamboo is vacuum-bagged on each side, and then the whole board is wrapped again with a layer of 4oz fiberglass.  From there, the glassers carefully hand lay the carbon-fiber rails, hot coat the board, and finish with a beautiful gloss finish.  Pictures do not do these boards justice.  The beauty of the bamboo and clarity of the carbon-fiber must be seen in-person to be properly admired.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Order your wakesurf board today or visit your local dealer to get one now!  If you have any questions or want some help picking out the perfect board, please contact us today!